Demystifying the Language of College Costs: 

Attracting Students Through Financial Transparency

Check out our discussion with Anthony Morrone (NSC) and Christy Miller (WBU) below.  We will send you an email with the link!

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Highlights from our discussion

While the media is focusing on the rising cost of college, Directors of Fin Aid have used packaging to hold the “net price” mostly steady – but this is something many students miss
Current websites, communications and NPC are often jargon-filled, assume a high reading level, and make it especially challenging for first generation and Pell eligible students to understand their options 

Making it easier for students to understand what they will pay after aid is factored in has a direct impact on enrollment - at WBU they saw a 31%  increase in applications this year
Christy and Anthony pics
“Students have a consumer mindset...they want to know what is the bottom line for the price they will have to pay...we need to rethink how we communicate to our students”

Christy Miller, Executive Director of Financial Aid, WBU